Anthony Jackson - Various Grooves

I canít say enough about Anthony Jackson. He is probably my favorite living bass player. He is true innovator and one of the most grooving players to ever pick up a bass. If you donít know much about AJ, click here to read an excellent two part interview with him from Bass Player magazine from a few years back. Briefly though, Anthony is responsible for the invention of the six string bass as we know it today. He took the idea in the late seventies to several luthiers including Carl Thompson, Ken Smith and later Vinnie Fodera. I believe Thompson built the first proto type instrument for Jackson and later Ken Smith and then Fodera helped him perfect the model. One of Anthonyís most famous basslines is from the O Jayís hit "For The Love of Money" where he used a pick and an early flanger that he built himself. Anthony has played with so many amazing artists over the years. People like Chaka Khan, Michel Camilo, Paul Simon, John Scofield, Al Di Meola, Steve Khan, and many more. Again Iíve transcribed the "hooks" to a few of Anthonyís basslines. I have more AJ stuff on the way. In the meantime check him out on some of these CDís.

  1. Eyewitness - Casa Loco
  2. Michel Camilo - Suntan
  3. Chaka Khan - Whatch Ya Gonna Do For Me

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